The Founding: A Celtic Christmas – Dec. 15, 2023

We are so excited to host this world class touring ensemble here at Olive Hill Center for Arts & Heritage on Dec. 15th at 7 PM. A definite MUST SEE!

And….they have agreed to work with students to prepare a couple of tunes so they can perform live with them on stage! What an exciting and wonderful opportunity this is! We are looking for any student of music, if interested in performing give the Center for Arts & Heritage a call at (606) 207-1480. All instruments welcomed. Workshop is FREE!

The students will attend a workshop that afternoon in preparation for the show. There will be a dinner break then the show.

Workshop Schedule – Friday, Dec. 15

3:30 – Students arrive, tune, and warm up
4:00 – The Founding introductions and demo performance – traditional tunes, progressive tunes, talk about songwriting process
4:20 – 10 minute Q&A
4:30 – Run through performance tunes
4:50 – Sectionals
5:40 – Rejoin and run through performance tunes
7:00 – Public Concert Begins

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